graphic art

Episode 5: CM Ruiz

My guest CM Ruiz @cmrtyz and I discuss so many topics: his work on various projects like Levitation and Austin Psych Fest, xerox decay, Nii Modo–his inclusive community-driven art and performance space in Seattle. How to include more women, POC, and beginning artists in an expensive city, how to pronounce Latinx, the sk8 video that convinced him to move to Seattle and sew much more….

Tons of his amazing work at !!


Episode 4: Barney Bubbles

My guest Bryan Standridge @echoesstudios and I cover so much! Seattle Christmas band Dancer and Prancer, the jingle bell thief, cat teeth, and of course the amazing Colin Fulcher aka Barney Bubbles. We discuss his upbringing and time at Twickenham College, Teenburger Designs, San Francisco awakening, the meaning behind his and Lemmy's names, and his fantastical contributions to the band Hawkwind......Join us on this journey to discover an artist and cosmic warrior.



Episode 3: Pennie Smith

My guest @lisabonetramsey joins me to talk about dentist office design, instagram posters, Bob Hickson, and Pennie Smith! We go over Smith’s time with Frendz Magazine, her Pink Fairies album design, stunning portrait photos and, of course, her photos of The Clash. Lots of twists and turns and mysterious brown cigarettes!